Monday, March 29, 2004

Just another manic monday ... but thoughts of having the next entire week off is invigorating my senses. Though I must admit that the idea of having to pay an amount close to $200 to play golf is inducing me to shit bricks a bit. Wah lauuu! Golf is such a bloody expensive sport. And once you become very good at it, it seems like the rule is that you have to become fat, cf. Laura Davies, Annika Sorenstam, Karrie Webb, John Daley.

Continuing with golf, some of you may know that Fiona, Sharlene and myself got some 'private' lessons last Friday evening. Yes there is reason why 'private' is in inverted comas, perhaps to influence readers to articulate 'private' in the seedy/suggestive kinda way. Our instructor apparently looks like Chris O'Donnell according to 2 of the 3 lesson-takers (note: I think he looks nothing like Robin), and well, he had a very very nice swing (no inverted comas). Evening panned out better than expected with a 'lovelly' (har!) sms to top it off! ;p teeehehehehehe.

What else, what else? Oh yes, visited the acupuncturist on Saturday. The treatment has given me mild relief (yay!), though I have been told that I have to return for further acupuncturing another 7 to 8 times. My calendar is not allowing this sort of dedication at the moment. Might have to clear certain dispensable activities. And it's not true that acupuncture doesn't hurt. Going to the physio tomorrow as well, you should feel how tight my neck/shoulder area is (yeah I'm just trying to scam a massage ;p)

More filming over the weekend, including the much anticipated Bollywood dance sequence. Man! We didn't even dance that much and my legs are aching today ... so pathetic! Dancing with a helmet was rather testing. How are you meant to function if you don't allow the largest organ in your body breathe? And we know how above-average-sized my head is ...
Rowing for the 1st time in 4 weeks on Sunday afternoon - thank golly it was a light session.
Tiff's birthday party on Saturday night where I witnessed a mighty fine man. This is the first time in a long while that I have been unable to avert my eyes. All I can say is nicccccccccceeeeeeeee, very nicccccccccceeeeeeeee!

All this talk about Penelope Cruz induced me to dream about her last night. She was so upset over that nasty Tom Cruise, and I was trying to console her. I remember she had tiny hands! I guess it's because everybody is so anti-Penelope, and I kinda feel sorry for her. We all know it's Tom Cruise that is the common factor here.

Comments received thus far from my own brain-child commenting system are fraught with themes indicating the following:
  • I am perceived as incapable of generating anything creative and/or mildly technical, especially in the 'online' space (even though I play warcraft ... hmmm relevance? None.)
  • I am desperate enough to force people to leave comments.
  • 'Copyright law does not exist in cyberspace'. I remember doing I.T law in 5th year uni and this was the motif that underscored the subject. Case in point being CHAD CHONG who has stolen my commenting system, and has not even bothered to slightly augment the design/format! ;p
  • I still do not understand the concept of daylight saving (the system is still under the assumption that it is daylight saving. Nearly every year, I have an argument with someone as they try to explain the concept ... but alas!

    Keep them coming guys ... maybe without the "Marissa told me" bit ;p

  • Friday, March 26, 2004

    News Flash: Comments Section incorporated!

    I encourage you to use and abuse (if you are so inclined). Consider it as a forum for world peace and/or salacious gossip, whatever takes your fancy.

    The day has mozied along at a school zone pace. Someone get me on the T3 lane to 5pm!
    But I tell you what ... sometimes there is no better cure than laughter. Was laughing so much at lunch that I only felt the abominable neck/back pains twice. Yes! You can count that on 1 hand!
    We (actually it was only me) were laughing at the name "Julia Gulia". I find it soooooo funny! Perhaps I should elaborate further by mentioning that Julia was to marry a man who's last name happened to be Gulia. Hence her married name would then become "Julia Gulia" *giggle* On an equally as ridiculous yet funny level, if I was to marry a man with the last name Kee, my full name would become Marissa Wong-Kee. Heheeehe.
    Other names on the 'funny roll call' list include: Bun YIP and Wayne CARR. Please don't take offence if your name happens to be mentioned. But at least you aren't wonkee - har!

    Watched 50 First Dates last night. The first 30 minutes was pretty sub-standard but it picks up slightly. It's not a fantastic movie but I am always a sucker for flicks like this. Actually the premise behind the whole film is quasi sad-ish. Although it was a funny movie, I couldn't help but leave the cinema a tad despondent. At least I got my dose of popcorn!

    Hey do you reckon I should Cartoon-Marissa on my paddle? What a novel idea? Must research on how to create one of them water-proof sticker thingoes.

    My parents have decided to romp away to one of their casino-holidays again. At least this time it is only interstate (Cairns). I only hope that when I am semi-retired, I have friends that are cashed up enough to invite me to foreign places to accompany them for a punt. I will be off to the Gold Coast during the Easter break. I will make sure we frequent Jupiters Casino purely to set a precedent. Ahhh, Jupiters Casino ....
    Such memories of the time I first won money at anycasino, and of when my cousin approached one of the bell hops and said "You look like Tom Cruise but uglier". What a pick up line huh? Well we were pretty pubescent! She then unashamedly stalked him all the way to the pool ... hehehehe

    Thursday, March 25, 2004

    I am starting to question whether my self-envisaged cartoon could possibly be similar, if not exactly the same, as what 75% of the Asian female population would project themselves as. Surely if you had to standardise the typical/'average' (hehe) Asian female, the end result would look daringly close to Cartoon-Marissa. It's like that episode where Homer discovered himself on a Japanese washing detergent packaging.

    Rebex (it's all in the X ... much deadlier than RC) once drew this very very cool caricature of me (for my 21st invite actually). I had visions of turning that caricature into a global phenomenon (comparable to the Hello Kitty craze) but alas, luvoness is such an undesirable quality.
    This site is certified 21% EVIL by the Gematriculator
    Was doing a bit of studying last night on "Professional Skills". Had to read this article about how the legal profession is notorious for using archaic language, illogical word order, complex grammatical structure and sentences of excruciating length. It then listed some bad drafting habits such as using synonym strings, doubling, passive instead of active voice etc etc. I think I am guilty of the entire list. This entire blog must be just completely WRONG. Perhaps this may be the reason why my blog is 21% EVIL muhahaha!

    So what else has been happening? Some guy was fully bitching during mixed basketball just because I was 'tugging' his shirt. I say 'if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen'! Maybe he was just expressing his disgust at Cartoon-Marissa being non-placid. Well I don't care because he had B.O. Speaking of which (I do that too much), would you ever get up and walk away from your seat if the person next to you had bad B.O? At lunch today, I managed to sit next to someone with fairly bad B.O (perhaps I need to stop choosing the less-cooler types to sit next to). It was quite an ethical dilemma as the smell could have potentially put me off my food completely, however upping and leaving may have potentially hurt his feelings. Luckily for me, no such decision had to be made - he left about 7 minutes after I sat down. But it was touch and go for a few minutes there ...

    Ooo ooo, got a bigger monitor at work! Woohooo .... thrills of the nation!
    And 50 First Dates comes out today. Drew Barrymore is way cool. Here is the funniest quote from 'The Wedding Singer': "Julia's last name's gonna be Gulia. Julia Gulia. That's funny."

    Am seeing an acupuncturist on the weekend. Hopefully he will relieve me from this bane of my life!

    Tuesday, March 23, 2004


    Let's start things off with a light-hearted activity shall we? Create a picture of yourself at dookyweb. Here is what I would look like in the cartoon world.

    Hoorah! 40% assessable task complete! I can breathe the refreshing air of carte blanche (until Sad-Hurty anyway). Hey what do you think about: CRP 71C as a number plate for the non-existent car that I own? A bit gay? Perhaps ...

    Speaking of GAY, I saw a book today titled "Her Scope - An astrological guide for lesbians". Can you believe it?!! *indignant* Since when did homosexuals work on a different horoscope system? Certainly not working towards their cause of being treated equally.

    Last night we played in our semi-finals for touch footy. In what was a very solid game by our team, we nevertheless did not manage to come up with the "W". I've expressed this to a few people now, but I just don't seem to possess the compulsion to win anymore (except when I play Monopoly - you better lay off Park Lane & Mayfair). People usually give me this baffled look and respond with comments such as: "Isn't that what sport is about?" and "There's no point to doing things if you don't aim to win". These are all perfectly valid and reasonable justifications but they don't make an impression on me. The feeling of 'winning' only lasts for 5 minutes where you are engulfed with jubilance & euphoria, and the false sense of "I am the best, I am No.1". Losing involves a deeper, more cathartic experience. You are reminded that you can improve, that there will always be peers to test your boundaries, that the end result is never as important as the journey blah blah blah. I can only relate this to basketball. I don't go into each game thinking "I have to win". I am more than satisfied if someone dishes off a sweet pass, or if someone pulls of a move that makes me faint on the court. I would pick playing with people I enjoy over winning any day. Not that I am suggesting that I love losing all the time - of course not. I just see why the overarching aim should be to WIN WIN WIN.
    Woah talk about diatribe!

    Anyway, I woke up this morning with a bruised and unaligned jaw- ouchy! Fully smacked into this chick last night during touch. We were both running at full pace and typically, I was the only one that spun 18 degrees in the air and fell onto the ground in a praying position. And she was smaller and wore GLASSES! I've got Derryn Hinch written all over me i.e *shame shame shame*

    Since I have started my new job, people now call me a different name behind my back. It used to be "Mad Dog", but now it's "just one more, and then I'm going home". How weird hey. Find out your nickname here. And my hip hop name is Missy Biggy Bastard Z - yeah word Homey G Funk!

    PS: Big Brother is watching ... muahahahaahahah ;p

    Saturday, March 20, 2004

    Can you believe that I have been sitting in front of this computer for 12+ hours now - albeit not actually WORKING for that entire time. Isn't that rather sad?!
    It's funny how the simple things suddenly become complicated and quite confusing after starring at it for extended periods. I'm kinda not comprehending anything at the moment, well except that 'tegrin spelt backwards is nigret' ... heheehe *giggle* [See below if that just went over your head]

    The lovely sentiments of 1927's 'If I could' and Ice House's 'Electric Blue' are keeping me company in my times of despair. They include pearlers such as:

    Sometimes I feel so second-rate
    Seems loving you was my greatest mistake
    I know I'm insecure
    And love don't keep score
    But I wish I could give you more

    If I could play
    I'd play up a storm for you
    A raging sea of passion that you never knew
    Every whispered sound would touch your heart
    And maybe for a moment I could be your favourite star


    I just freeze every time you see through me
    And it's all over you, electric blue.
    In too deep, standing here waiting
    As I'm breaking into, electric blue.
    I can see, can see that it may be
    Just a vision of you, electric blue.
    On my knees, help me baby,
    Tell me, what can I do, electric blue.

    I completely do not get 'Electric Blue', but that fits well with current level of cluelessness. Ok, must push on ...

    Getting nowhere, and getting there pretty damn fast. Someone book me a ticket! Har!
    Think I might take a shower to revitalise the turgidity of my flaccid brain cells. 'Emma' is playing in the background. Would gladly choose a lifestyle of match-making over drafting affidavits!

    Ahh I just figured out why my head is so sore! It's because I have been wearing a head band (to keep those brain cells toasty). And even though it is a stretchy head band, it is obviously not stretchy enough to fight the opposing force of the super-sized head (a.k.a cranially enhanced).
    Update a bit premature, but once you break, it's ALL OVER baby!

    Quiz Time again! (This one is for you YDG ...)

    Was kinda hoping for Phoeba because with lyrics like these, well she's clearly the funniest:

    Oh the cow in the meadow goes "moo"
    Oh the cow in the meadow goes "moo"
    Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up
    And that's how we get hamburgers.
    Nowww chickens!


    I'm in the shower and I'm writing a song
    Stop me if you've heard it
    My skin is soapy and my hair is wet
    And tegrin spelled backward is nirget.

    Lather, rinse, repeat
    Lather, rinse, repeat
    Lather, rinse, repeat

    As needed!
    So whilst everybody is frolicking in the lovely Penrith sun, I have been trying to comprehend this bastard of a case that must be submitted on Monday (40% assessable)! Filming all tomorrow is not helping to settle nerves and anxiety attacks. Actually, spending 4 hours FORMATTING is definitely not helping current quasi-desperate situation. Not that I am justifying the grossly excessive amount of time spent on formatting, but these court documents are truly a test of Microsoft Word skills. All these tab stops, left/hanging/first line indents, section breaks (which can further be broken down into continuous or next page breaks), tables, columns, bullets, numbering - oh man the list goes on and on! But hey, I've always said that I am more of a Word girl than an Excel girl. I am comfortable dealing with Word, and lately PowerPoint is becoming a favourite too. Don't get me started on Access though!

    Okay, I'm working on tri-hourly updates on blog just to maintain my sanity. Maybe I shall do a few more quizzes?
    Ooo, should mention that I won $16 bucks off $1 the other night at the Casino on this 'ski bunny' machine. It was tres-cool! Can you believe I got 30 free spins and managed to make the buzzer go off: "Brrrrrrrrrring". Too bad I only put in a buck. The casino is SUCH A SEEDY joint though. Every time I go there, I am amazed by the power imbalance that still exists between the sexes. Yes I am talking about seedy males touching females, yes I am talking about unwanted attention and advances towards females, yes I am talking about males flaunting their money as if they were something to be desired etc. Anyway, maybe an update on progress later. Gotta get some food in the interim!

    Thursday, March 18, 2004

    Quiz Time!

    You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
    your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
    he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
    that never lessens and always blows your
    partner away like the first time.

    HAR! That's putting the mickey on me!

    What kind of kiss are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    Morning Smurfs & Smurfettes

    I have a question that is begging for some enlightenment
    Why is it that I am ALWAYS the first one to be picked to sit adjacent to on the train? Out of the entire row of 2 seaters (there's about 9 rows right?), somehow I always end up having a stranger train buddy. So this morning, I decided to test the theory by sitting more or less in the middle of the 2 seater. And yes, like a predictable story line, a lady decided to plonk her ass on MY seat in preference of everybody else's seat.

    So the question remains, is there some innate quality about me that's sending out the "pick me 1st, pick me 1st" signal. Is it the way I look, the way I am dressed, the facials I have, my body type? What is it? I have to say, normally when I am deciding on a potential stranger train buddy, I usually pick the less-cooler (but definitely not stinky) types. Don't ask me why, I just do. So what does that suggest? Hmmm *ponder*
    Reminds me of "Loser Pet Store". Ahhh good old Noel from Felicity! Which reminds me, must have Felicity DVD Slumber Party. Suffice to say that it will be one of the highlights of my year!

    In other news, we tied in the bball game last night. Wasn't a particularly good game but some good moves were pulled off and that's enough to keep me satisfied. I am still having serious issues with my shoulders, neck and back. This constant pain is really debilitating me. The only times when I don't feel pain is when I sleep and when I'm playing sport.

    Dinner with Millie tonight. *excited* No doubt we will be hearing some wonderful stories about Nairobi. Maybe I can even learn some swahili.

    And lastly, we know that you love Steve Price, Sharlene, but perhaps the name will take on an even more special significance ... hehehehe ;p

    Wednesday, March 17, 2004

    Updates since Mortification Day (which incidentally is exactly 6 months prior to my quarter century birthday. People have no excuses now):

  • Have avoided all eye contact with manager.
    Ayksss! It's so embarrassing *cringe* What is the point of building up a professional image if it's just going to be annihilated via an act of indiscretion. I am reminded of the following words said so indignantly by Miss Elizabeth Bennett "Oh! do not repeat what I then said. These recollections will not do at all. I assure you that I have long been most heartily ashamed of it.'' Of course, she faired much better than yours truly since the consequence of her actions was marrying Darcy! and mine is utter humiliation. What is it about Darcy that makes women flutter? *drool*

  • Canberra races
    Yeah not much but "hmmmmm" to say on this subject matter. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was a wasted sunk cost in terms of time invested, but there weren't many positives coming out of it either. At least I got to witness the blue green algae version of "when animals attack". But hey, plants scream when they are harvested as well.

  • Alias
    Do people know that Jennifer Garner is a middle child? I am instantly validated by that fact! Hehe. Aside from that, everytime I witness Vaughn & Sydney in all their relationship angst glory, I am truly affected by it. In fact, there is greater injustice in their relationship compared to Buffy & Angel since being a hot under cover CIA agent with loads of cleavage is CLEARLY far more realistic that dating a vampire who's only dialogue is "buffy ... *whimper whimper*".

  • Eyes Wide Shut
    Don't know how the 'shut' fits in but its a catchy dot point. The other day, I was brought to a very quaint coffee joint in the heart of prostitute town, decorated with homeless people bumming out the front. First impressions were definitely not working towards its favour. But not only did it have fantastic coffee (of all sorts), the place really had a charm about it. So thanks for broadening my horizons into the realms of seediness "ChaChaaaa". Isn't that what life is partly about - gaining perspective on everything.

  • Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts
    Lots of these lately. Much about anything, lots about everything. In fact, too much that elaboration is undesirable for the sake of readers.

  • Bump n Grind
    Why do people persist on doing this on the basketball court? Really, it should be prohibited unless, of course, your name is R. Kelly.

    Okay, time for my date with Spalding & Dick Vitale! Har! ;p
  • Friday, March 12, 2004

    Never have I been as mortified and as embarrassed as I am at this moment! Ohmygoodness! I wish so much that I could invoke Cher (without the hideous see-through outfit) and 'turn back time'. One fateful click can cause such ripples of pain and excruciation. Oh it's SOOOOO BAD! Ughhh ... I keep cringing every time I remotely think about it (just like I keep shuddering every time I flash back to the time where I ran Fiona over with a golf buggy. Or when I flew out of a golf buggy and Eric had to chase after the runaway buggy). CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE.

    All that can be said at this point is that it involves sending an sms to the wrong person. And that wrong person so happens to be my manager! Ohmygosh - I am getting heart palpitations! It's sooo sooo sooo bad! I can't bare to live anymore. How is one meant to have any kind of credibility after this.

    And this, kids, is why you should get more than 4.5 hours sleep per night. It really screws up your cognitive processes.

    Sooo sooo bad!
    Too tired for words.
    Averaging 4.5 hours sleep and officially resembling grossly caricatured Chinese cartoon with MEGA ching chong eyes.
    Harlooooww hao are youuuuuu?
    Have seriously overdosed on caffeine of late. Better start weaning myself off it because it is having some undesirable side effects (and I'm not even talking about gas).

    Before I hallucinate - Happy Birthday Malinda - not that you read this blog.
    Off to Canberra tomorrow. A bit sad that I won't be rowing. Hopefully I will find some way to preoccupy my mind.
    And yeah, found my ankle guard ... woohooo! Guess nobody wanted to steal a stinky ankle guard afterall.

    So many loose ends ... going a bit mental!

    Wednesday, March 10, 2004

    This week is travelling amazingly slow. Feels more like sad-hurty than Wednesday (if anybody can think of an anagram for Wednesday, feel free to tell me).

    Had trouble sleeping last night, and it couldn't have been due to the weather since the air-con was on (we're Malaysian alright)! My brain was just unbearingly alive and buzzing at a million miles an hour. Think I was having another anxiety attack. Guess all the stress, lack of sleep, lack of youth and disfunctional limbs culminated to one painful sleepless night. And my STUPID LAZY opponent served her amended documents on me (for College) last night. *curse curse curse*

    Sometimes you just gotta feel like the world is too much to handle. This morning I had to pay $2.20 for a train ticket into the city. However, I only had a $50 note on me. As I handed it across the counter, the BITCH of a lady @ Beecroft Stn (YES I am publicly humiliating her so she will be ostracised now and forever until she is UN-bitched) said to me "you are going to use a $50 note?!?" in this extremely irritated/malicious tone, then she rolled her eyes. I was so stunned and horrified by her response that the only reply I had was "I'm sorry". Can you believe it? Am I not the customer here? How about just a bit of decency and respect? I walked away exasperated only to be nudged away by a train commuter. ARGHHH

    And then on the journey into work, this lady was standing on the RIGHT HAND side of the escalator (just cos she was wearing a white skirt) and people decided to press every level possible in the elevator just to prolong the nightmare.

    Malinda's 28th birthday party at the World Bar was on Saturday. Pictures are up on Mindy's site for those that are visually inclined. Talk about dedication - Mindy & I had to catch the train in @ 10:30pm (at least bitch lady wasn't there)! I now know why people advise not to catch trains at night. This man came into our carriage at Strathfield station and proceeded to tell us that Asian are good fucks. The reason he knows is because he had a Chinese girlfriend for a year. In fact, he just came from signing an AVO at her house by virtue of the fact that he had assaulted and physically abused her a coupla times Wasn't sure how to behave with this man. Was kinda afraid that he would bash me up if I didn't entertain his ramblings. And as per usual, Mindy was of no use. Just sat there like a limp mannequin. Otherwise, the night was pretty fun. Good music, good company, good cake.

    Need a plan of attack to attain peace of mind: find ankle guard (where the hell is it?); try and go to Canberra by staying up late every night until Thursday; take sleeping pills to combat insomnia.

    PS: Congrats to Eugene and Joe for making the state crew. Watch out Perth hey?

    Thursday, March 04, 2004

    It is 'sad hurty' day again (c.f entry on 26 Feb 2004).
    I am taking a day off work to go to the physio tomorrow - YAY!
    Nice relief from having to wake up at 6:40am to prepare my ankle for movement. It's amazing how useless your limbs can become especially after a night with Elliot (c.f 29 Feb 2004) ;p

    Hmmm, let's see, any sad hurty stories for today?
    Well, when your chips are down, you should really stop doubling up on the 9's, 10's and 11's! Hmmm, haven't had the Garden Buffet @ the casino in a while now. Perhaps it is time for a reunion? Anyway, back to the point: my opponent in the College assignment has decided to appeal to the compassionate portion of my brain by offering quasi-valid excuses for thus far being a lazy ass. As a result of her laxness, I will have limited days to complete my work. Damn! Out of the entire course, I had to get stuck with the tardy one. On 2nd thoughts, she will have to do much better to appease my anger. Might email her now.

    Speaking of chips.
    Today at lunch @ good 'ol PP (Pavilion Plaza), I was observing this (hmmm there's no nice way of putting this) Ricki Lake-sized lady munching down a large chips, large potato & gravy, and chicken strips from KFC in an incessant fashion. Initially I was completely transfixed and slightly taken aback by the attacking manner she was hoeing into her KFC (Sharlene thought it was completely normal). Then I started feeling rather sad for her because she was sitting alone and unable to share all that enjoyment with someone else. The formal term for this phenomena is: nigel (in the corner of the room ... drawing pictures of the way he wishes he was). Anyway, I think I must have been 'transfixed' for a little too long, and possibly asked Sharlene to look a few more times than necessary because she up'd and left! She was too intriguing to lose so I decided to stalk her. Upon stalkage, I found out she had moved to another table! and continued to eat her KFC in her previous merry way (though I think she freaked out a bit when she saw me again). I can't believe she finished a whole tub of potato and gravy! That was a very satisfying lunch hour.

    Btw, congrats to fat-ass-whore Michelle for scoring a new job @ Hoyts. Remember rational thoughts over emotional well-being. This being the case, please please can I get free popcorn?!? ;p

    Finally, not being 'conventional normal' is often a very good thing Gregan. It makes you interesting!

    Home time soon!

    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    Prognosis: Dire Straits
    "Bad news comes in threes" has indeed been personified by my right ankle.
    I sprained it pretty badly last night during mixed basketball - this makes it the 3rd time. What irks me even more (apart from the obvious conclusion that I will have fat ankles for the rest of my existence) is that it happened quite trivially. I didn't do it dunking, I didn't do it slicing to the basket. No, I did it on an offensive rebound and happened to land on some STUPID man's foot. *curse the Y chromosome*
    And it's just embarrassing when you have to slide off the court on your ass while trying to combat 'are you okay' questions. What do you say? I would like to say 'No you crap head. You and your foot should be banished from this earth'. Or how about 'No you fungus face. Because of you my life is now not worth living'. But where will that get me .... back to Square Three.

    So it looks like I will be in-valid for a while. No basketball, no touch, no rowing. *whimper*
    It took so long for me to walk to work this morning that I nearly finished my coffee by the time I got in. And its funny how people just look at you funny when you are limping. I nearly stacked it walking up Town Hall steps and all people could do is brush past me. Think I might take the day off to visit the physio tomorrow. I have been advised to stay on it by only 'light movements'. Hmmm ... considering that I weigh as heavy as I weigh (not sure if I want to publish my actual weight), "light" movements is probably highly impossible.

    Anyway, additional congratulations to "Refused Classification" - Rebecs for making into State ... and of course the hardest corest paddler of all Kimbo 'Gerbil' Shaw.

    Man, everybody thinks I am fully relaxing at work because I have my foot up and I am typing on my lap. Don't they understand that looks are deceiving!

    Tuesday, March 02, 2004

    Prognosis: NEGATIVE
    Suspicions have been confirmed by a certified physiotherapist! Posture Lady was right afterall (I will never doubt new-age medicine forthwith, will take up 'holistic medicine' as of next week).
    The physio (thanks Sylvia) informed me that I am considerably lopsided. Actually, he wouldn't say it at first, deciding instead to dance around the issue with questions such as "did you only do weights on one side". Apparently my right shoulder blade is sitting in its normal position (i.e. angling towards the spine), however my left shoulder has gone off on a tangent.

    Further suspicion that my neck is just not strong enough for my fat head has also been attested. Shoulder/arm injuries are due to problems in the neck region. Ahh well, will have to try and get one of them chunky rugby league necks. Speaking of which, I have always been adverse to the Bulldogs (actually I hate them passionately). And this whole gang rape debacle just gives me more ammo. This is what one of the players had to say " ... it was just a typical night for some of the Canterbury players. Some of the boys love a 'bun'. Gang banging is nothing new for our club or the rugby league". What a joke! Jibes and taunts will have to be increased by a factor of 10 this NRL season.

    Watched a bit of the Oscars last night. Wasn't it so farcical? I don't get the Oscars. Example when they paraded all the winners at the end of the show. There they were smiling and waving with their Oscars to their fellow performers. I just thought that was so ridiculous. It's like being at a primary school recital but for rich, beautiful grown-ups. So elitest! Though I must say Johnny Depp and John Cusack were looking fine! And isnt it so depressing that as skinny as Renee Zellweger (who's father is from Cronulla) is, even she manages to look a bit chub next to Charlize Theron. Guess you're gonna get nowhere if you keep comparing yourself with someone.

    Congratulations due to:
  • Chad & Tez for making it into the state dragonboat team. Makes losing 5 kgs in one week worthwhile huh Chad? Plus you scored a phone call out of it!
  • Joe for soon becoming a uni student again. If only you didnt have to go to Melbourne.
  • Clinton & Rebecca for an engaging script "X.O Men".
  • Me for finally killing a hero in Warcraft - har!