Monday, January 24, 2005

Markings of a New Year

First entry of 2005.
Better set an appropriate tone for the remainder of the year - *chants: healthy, wealthy and wise, alongside new career as ESPN commentator, and new abode on privately owned island - passing time eating scones, sipping tea and of course, playing basketball and maybe some golf*
Not such a far cry from current situation - only elements lacking are the basketball/golf skills - har!

Well that has been much to blog about over the past couple of months, however daily 9-to-5 life as a non-superhero has dictated otherwise. On that note, if I was a superhero (preferably Wonder Woman), I would be really pissed off if I had to save lamo people after work. So, here are some highlights in point form:

  • Christmas
    Truth or dare gone wrong when I had to run down the hallway of the Leo's apartment, enter the lift and descend to ground level in only my bra & shorts. Thought I got off scot free until ... the door opens on lvl 9 and in walks a middle-aged man. He proceeds to inquire "so how's the water in the pool?", to which I responded "oh very satisfactory". Oh there's my new year's resolution - get YDG, Rebecca and Shar back!

  • New Years/Melbourne Trip
    Sat next to sobbing Tsunami survivor on the flight to Melbourne. Funny how anything that comes out your mouth when conversing with someone that's experienced tragedy seems to sound either: ignorant or intrusive.

    Golf, golf, shopping, casino, Edvard Munch, and some more golf. Subject of more cruel jokes continued as evidenced by the following footage of YDG's devilry. Your evil laughter still haunts me!

  • Xia's Hens Night
    Wild night with "to-do" list completed (including such tasks as: getting random stranger to lick lolly off chest; get random stranger to take off their underwear; kiss a bald man's head). I came away from that night sporting a broken little toe after over-exuberant zorba dancing from someone wearing boots with THICK HEELS. OUCHY! Now not only do I have an oversized head, I am also the shameful owner of a mongoloid toe.

  • Surfing lessons - fun in the sun. Felt like I was in the beach boy's 'surfin safari' video clip.
  • Invitation to take a closer look at Castlereagh St fire station - thanks to excellent work by a few drunk girls on Friday night, and a legit fireman by the name of Matthew. Except we are not allowed to slide down his pole - although I wasn't drunk enough to give consequence to that joke.
  • Famous Me! See page 11 here. Happy to sign if you print out a copy ;p
  • Australian Open - The girls need to wear nipless (product that hides nipples), or thicker bras. They ALL headlight! Unless they've been given a mandate to abstain from wearing the above-suggested to bring in the crowds? In that case, the men should wear assless pants.
  • Guys in pink shirts - not a fan. Particularly really fat guys in pink shirts - makes them look like piggies. Saw a guy wearing PINK SHOES at Nike factory the other day - now he's gone TOO FAR! He needs to reclaim his manhood.

    Predilection for pictures certainly was not one of my new year's resolutions, so here goes some pixels:

  • Melbourne

    Completely useless, but at times good to have function on digital camera put to the test. Silly photos to match the silly people.

  • Zoo
    Day of fun at Taronga Zoo.
    Saw lots of animals (funny that), and came across TOO MANY crying, whinging, annoying little kids (har sounds like me).

    I suspect that these animals have quite the life. They spend all day lazing around, eating, sleeping, licking themselves, and getting pictures taken of them by nosey people. At times they get blinded by flashes of lightening (e.g. me attempting to take a photo of a platypus in the dark, only to be reprimanded in front of a crowd of people - oh the shame shame shame).