Sunday, February 29, 2004

Apparently I love my ice pack too much (cf. blog entry on 25/02/2004). In fact, we have been getting so acquainted with each other that Elliot (the ice pack) has left a permanent bite mark on my shoulder. Yes - I am suffering from frost bite!
I've been told it resembles a hickey.

Was able to be out in the sun for the first time in what seems to be ages. You really tend to forget how satisfying and gorgeous sunlight is ... will miss it so much when autumn/winter skips along.
Speaking of 'forgetting', bumped into quite a few people on Saturday night that brought back a couple of FLASHES from the PAST.
It's weird how so many things are different, but yet still the same when it boils down to it. Sometimes I wonder whether I have changed/developed, or whether I have stayed the same spedish self.

Clip of the Week and more to come in the ensuing weeks (some are fully classic but have to get permission from the likes of Rebecca, Sharlene and Tracey first).
NB: Might be easier to "save target as" in this instance.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

This is my official result

This is cute

This is what I want to be

Yeah okay so procrasination has really set in now. In the futile attempt to create a conducive knowledge hastening environment, I have gone to the extremes of downloading classical music (since I have cable now)! So on the list at the moment are my all time favourites by Debussy and Chopin, and a recent favourite: The Paganini Rhapsody by Rachmaninov.
Other quiz's taken include:
  • Which Classical Composer Are You?: JOSEPH HAYDN - Austrian - "Papa Haydn". Damn was really gunning for either Debussy or Chopin
  • Which Of The Greek Gods Are You: MORPHEUS - You are like the Greek God Morpheus, of dreams. Believing there is something bigger out there, and often lost in thought. You're imaginative, and smart - not always a leader, but usually the one who came up with the plan. You often ask, What if ... and how long to get out of the darkness and through the window.
    Result could have been entirely affected by current mood of 'why am I doing studying at 1:29am?'
  • Thursday, February 26, 2004

    I am afflicted beyond consolation. Or perhaps the right type of consolation has yet to come along ...

    Last night we played a team that got into a fight the previous week. One of the girls on this team has consequently been banned for life from basketball due to striking one of the girls on the head from behind. I think a part of the reason why we lost quite convincingly last night was that I was mentally psyched out even before the game started. That seems to happen to me quite often. The thought of getting into another fight makes me cringe and shudder. That and, of course, my crappy crappy crappy injuries *sob*.
    Perhaps I am being too insular lately?

    And before I forget - Thanks for trying Chad, but you should really stop touching yourself at work. At least leave the door opened if you want to do it ;p

    Anagram Time: If you rearrange the letters in THURSDAY, you get sad hurty. Oh its so reflective!

    Wednesday, February 25, 2004

    I love my ice pack
    Ahhh first good sleep in ages last night. Although R.E.M was still marred by moments of shoulder(s) agony. Was so pissed off at one stage that I flung my right arm in the air and my ice pack flew across the room. Well I had a bit of a chuckle to myself. So much anger only to be placated by an ice pack.

    Last coupla weeks of summer and we are stuck with this miserable, sucky weather. Only good thing is that my shoulders don't hurt as much in the cold. If the whole world could be an ice pack ... but I am adverse to the cold so maybe not such a good idea.

    Was just telling someone that I subconsciously allocate certain people to this one group. I know its bad to blatantly discriminate in this fashion but there is something about this "group" that is SOOOOO endearing. They truly do get me going.

    Yessssss finally got Telstra cable.
    Goodbye dialup, I will miss your promises of 56K but will gladly settle for 100Mps

    Tuesday, February 24, 2004

    Pain is your friend ... whoever made up that aphorism clearly had minimal nerve endings and limited muscle mass.

    I am suffering from a growing list of injuries including:
    • Sprained left ankle
    • Sprained right ankle
    • Screwed left shoulder
    • Screwed right shoulder (as of last night due to diving @ touch footy AGAIN. I mustn't know how to dive properly - if there IS a proper to dive)
    • Unaligned teeth (due to Steve's shoulder. Could I have picked a bonier guy?)
    • Sore neck due to massive-sized head

    Coming from a person who is lopsided - my body is amazingly balanced when it comes to injuries. I guess I don't mind the pain. It's just the fact that you are unable to do even the most simple things e.g. tie your hair, sling your bag across you shoulders, wave your hands around like a mad-man in those fits of rage, help people with those top shelved items at Coles etc. Oh the enormity of it all!

    Speaking of mad-man. Got into an argument over car-parking with this man on Friday night. There he was standing in the middle of the road on Sussex Street, minding a spot for his friend. And there I was trying to bowl him over in reverse gear. So began the debacle when I stepped out of the car to have a 'forceful' chat with him. Notwithstanding the fact that he made us wait 8 minutes for this "friend" to get there, he also bluntly told his lady friends to go away. Where's the chivalry? Can't believed they listened to him either, was tempted to tell them to stay since they were so accommodating. Anyway, I knew there was no way he was going to give that spot up (even though he was standing in the middle of the road!) so really the whole exercise was for my verbal entertainment and mental stimulation. And HAR! I was taller than him! Guess I would have been less heavy-handed if he was cute ... but he wasn't (though his friend was alright).

    Monday, February 23, 2004

    Geek Girls Are In ...
    ... so I am being reminded every 2 weeks or so by Miss Ultimate Geek Girl "I have 3 computers in my room" Sharlene Wong (and I should mention that she's been saying this for the past 3 years - are they ever going to be passe?). Not one to fall out of societal trends, I decided to spend the weekend indulging in geek-dom by being a hardcore WARCRAFT III gamer. This is after spending the whole of Saturday studying. Did someone say "Loser"?

    Nevertheless the first inaugural splinter group L.A.N party was a hoot with the following highlights:
    • Dying only 3 times per game (record!)
    • Attacking my own team members (sorry Cheri+e & Vu). I always confuse stun with sleep.
    • Always being the last sheep to decide which character to be.
    • Dying whilst trying to type (I seriously don't know how they type as well as attack as well as give me extra life, all at the same time).
    • Eating mee goreng at 3am.

    I would like to promulgate the fact that my left shoulder is officially screwed. This quarter century stuff is haunting me! And I realise that my querulousness is not helping my chances of being stuck on an island with the CorVu boys (har!).

    Thoughts go out to Duane and his dog of 15 years this morning :(
    I had a dog once. His name was Obie (short for Oberton). We only had him for a week before we had to give him up and I never cried so much in my life. So imagine how Duane feels.

    And lastly, KS Wall of Shame (the MA 15+ version) is now up for your visual entertainment.

    Monday, February 16, 2004

    Consumer is King
    In an age where consumers demand, inter alia, choice and supreme customer service, I have discovered that these 2 concepts can be mutually exclusive.

    Every morning as I plod into work, I stop off at my usual coffee shop and without muttering a breath my fave coffee-men will deliver my skim mocha and stamp my loyalty card. HOWEVER what IF I didn't want a skim mocha? Could I possibly interrupt the now etched-in-concrete process and request a large flat white instead? Answer is NO. They are always so busy thus finding a moment to change my usual order is practically impossible and by the time I get their attention, my skim mocha is ready to make my stomach brew (eeeeeew).

    How about exercising the choice to not have coffee (heaven forbid) and indeed having coffee somewhere else? My fave coffee-men have a birdseye view of every person that walks out of Town Hall station. This being the case, escaping their vision is out of the question. How can you ignore and offend such an established vendor-customer relationship? Answer is you CANNOT. The few times that I have walked pass the shop without stopping for coffee have been filled with pangs of guilt and remorse. So much so that I try and hide behind some random stranger or look down at my feet.

    But perhaps not having choice is not such a bad thing. Look at IKEA, they've made a business out of restricting choice to their customers.

    Went to the 'Caravaggio and His World' exhibition the other day. I was thoroughly engaged with his artwork. This was my 1st time on a guided tour and if you can spare $25, it's well worth it. Lucky for me, it was freeeeeee. Wholistically, Caravaggio's works are amazing - the form, the symmetry, the precision, the beauty. However what adds that extra dimension are the themes, the innuendos, the undertones. Together this makes Caravaggio not just a painter but an artist. I mean he managed to turn a painting of fruits into pornography packed with sexual connotations.

    Monday gripes include: crappy CityRail and their crappy crappy crappy service (we are talking 2 hour home journeys!); not getting any exercise on the weekend (though my butt pads probably got a good work out from sitting in front of my compy all weekend); cleaning the house in preparation for the return of the parentals (they've finally decided to come home); getting indigestion every time I consume pasta and egg noodles (but I love my chicken noodle soup).

    On a completely different note, here is a very interesting read about love (thanks Gregan ... you are all-knowing!)

    Tuesday, February 10, 2004

    Is there a word for ultimate stupidity? A few come to mind: moronic, lamebrain, mentally defective, BOOB!
    I discovered yesterday - this is after I was bludging ALL Sunday - that I had an assignment due for College. Sometimes obliviousness is just not acceptable, especially if you've had time to look up Wheezy (from Toy Story II) quotes. So to cut the account of a long & hellish story short, I had a total of 2.5 hrs sleep and am now the owner of a gimpy arm due to unnecessary diving during touch footy last night. It looks so graceful and non-painful when rugby union players do it. PLUS I missed out on watching Paradise Hotel! Gipped! If it's anywhere as good as Temptation Island and Kaya (equally as yummy but less green), it should be a ripper.

    It is going to be a long, long, long day today.
    Thanks to those who endured my suicidal banter yesterday. Hope the coffee alleviated some of the vexation.

    Trivial fact #1: Did you know that if either Mindy or I was born a boy, we would have been named Melvin! My parents were convinced that Mindy was going to be a boy ... Mindy ... Melvin ... both as bad as each other. Teeeheeeee MELVIIIIIIIIIN!

    Friday, February 06, 2004

    Indignation ...
    laden with plenty of irony. In fact, possibly the best example of irony I have yet come across (yes even better than the explanation Ethan Hawke gave Winona 'I didn't steal anything' Ryder in Reality Bites.

    The other day, someone bluntly labelled me a "pussy", purely because I refused to play bball on an outdoor court. Not withstanding the fact that I was completely paralysed by her choice of word (it's nearly as hideous as the C-word that describes the same female anatomy) ... the irony behind it all is that the aggressor's name in this instance happened to be KITTY! LOL!

    Yay! It's Friday though there will be no time on the weekend to rest due to Chinese New Year races and untouched studying materials. At least I had fun watching "Average Joe" last night. I tend to believe that these average Joe's provide far more interesting viewing than the boofheads on Bachelorette. They seem to be much more articulate and insecure, meaning that the stuff that comes out of their mouths actually make sense.

    Wednesday, February 04, 2004

    Love animated gifs!!
    Thanks to Alan (for the pictures), Sharlene (for the hostage) & Gregan (for extra hostage).
    Rollovers next! Conquering powerful stuff here!