Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Woah an entry ante-midday, must be an extra special occasion.
And indeed I have an extra special (in a sped kinda way) guest blog from Cumulus Nimbus/Uncontrollable Energy Boy Mr Craig Du Rieu. Not only is he half French-half Asian (so he reckons), an avid supporter of the Swans (he is on the Swans boards every bloody morning, even when the season is over ... can someone say STALKER!), he is also a very interesting character and a great buddy to work with. Though he does do rather weird things like coerce me to caress his arms after he goes to the gym (yeah you're such a tank Craig) and carry a huge-ass briefcase with nothing in it. Anyways over to you Craig:

Hello fellow nerds

This is my debut article on Marissa's Universe. Publicly Marissa labels me the 'Uncontrollable Energy boy' but secretly she calls me 'Mussels from Brussels'. Neither are correct, it's just that she is a bit mixed up. It's ok though, don't worry, we are working on it. You would be amazed what weekly therapy does.

Marissa is a lovely girl though. I have the pleasure of sitting next to her at work. She insults me almost everyday, but I know that's just affection. It is sad to see her leaving though as I will miss our daily discussions about the 'boards'. I will also miss the daily guessing competition of which man she will be with when downstairs having her coffee bludge. The posse has become folk law around the Deloitte traps and it never fails to annoy Marissa when we mention it. Though between you and me, I think she is pretty proud of having 5 guys competing for her attention!!

Many of you random internet people may not know this, but Marissa is a huge Swans fan. She has the whole kit, but special mention must go to her beanie. When Marissa decks out in her beanie the crowd goes wild, the boys flock and the swans generally win. Add her fan dango hand warmers and she is the perfect footy fan. I think this website needs a photo of Marissa and her beanie.

Marissa has been an inspiration to work with and is by far the most positive person I have ever met. If the worst thing happens, Marissa will make it seem ok. Someone stole her lunch once and her response was "well at least they won't go hungry".

On a final note, I have to give a mention to Dragon boats. Marissa is going to teach me how to be a dragon boat rower. Having seen Marissa's awesome coordination in almost any sport possible, I think she would really kick arse in this. I'm a bit scared of wearing the whole tight bike shorts but Marissa assures me that it's all ok.

Well this has been such a total random ramble. But seriously Marsy is a cool chick, who has an awesome sense of humour, great internet searching skills and will kick arse at selling phones at Telstra.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Hello World (minus the 6,322,190,705 people that have absolutely no interest in this page).

Long weekend is over, and the 4 day working week is before us.
Possibly for the first and probably for the last time in my life I wish this week was a 5 day working week.
Because this is my last week at Deloitte. (can't forget the DOT for those in the know) after which I shall be torn asunder from people that I have become quite attached to. I will miss the characters around this working space.

Speaking of which, here is one of those characters with her SPECIAL GUEST BLOG *cheer*
Before I cut and paste what she submitted to me via email (she's way too untechy to comprehend the idea of posting a blog), can I mention that I did not insist upon a *pop pop* ode to Marissa-let's make her head bigger composition. But I guess this is what she feels passionately about so who am I to stop her - har!

So here it is: Miss Michelle Cheung, soon to be Miss Michelle Tran (which reminds me, better start recruiting more members for your last hoorah fling before the big day)

Hi there, since Marissa (Miss Universe) says that I am allowed to write anything in my guest spot ... here goes.

I've known Marissa since she started working with me earlier this year. Before I had even seen her, I had a sneak peak at her resume and knew at once that she was a nerd with the detail and formatting which she had put into it.

It was only after I realised how sporty she was and how she was constantly surrounded by her posse of men, did I come around and think "maybe she's not cramping my style after all" and "maybe I can get introduced to some ..." hehehe

And it was then that I knew she was someone special. Someone I could connect with over our sessions bitchin about other "speds" and tuning into real to real RnB radio at work.

Before she leaves and thinks that this will be the end of me, I betta remind her that I know where she lives ... and what train she catches.

On a more serious note, I'll have to say Marissa is a pretty cool girl - no actually she rocks. Well she does know how to write HTML, shoot a 3 pointer AND wears bling bling.

(Have I done well Marissa? can I do another guest spot again? Please don't hurt me ...)

Friday, October 03, 2003

So I have finally succumbed to the blog craze.
Why? Mainly because I am brain numbingly bored at work.
I had grand plans to put a blog on my oh so cool website ( as a defiance against megalomaniac corporations, not insinuating that Blogger fits into that category, but convenience and lack of I.T geekness got the better of me.

Well long weekend in celebration of Labour Day is coming up! Woohoo! But what the hell are we celebrating? It's supposedly meant to celebrate the achievement of the 8 hour working day. Why couldn't they push for the 6 hour working day? Damn that Robert Owen! And isn't it funny that they put a public holiday on a day where we are meant to be working 8 hours? If you ask me (which you probably wouldn't) Labour Day should be the celebration of all the women who have been through labour. But that's just too feminist and that is oh so passé these days.

Okay am ready to flee this joint.
Stay tuned for the following:
• Guest blogs from the one and only Fat Ass Whore *shizzle my nizzle* and 'uncontrollable energy' Boy
• My care factor zero theory.

Have a lovely long weekend everybody!