Monday, September 19, 2005

Political Satire

Anything that makes a mockery of George W. Bush is GOLD in my books - this picture cracks me up. Artistic licence should be heavily encouraged when it comes to the follies of American politics. Only Americans would legitimately advocate a Governor, who was previously a body builder/(bad) actor, even after the comment: "To those critics who are pessimistic about our country, I say: Don't be economic girly men". The quote is bad enough, but add Arnie's accent ... it's just THE WORST!

And how poor form is this Mark Latham character? Talk about lack of allegiance. I may need to re-examine my staunch Labor stance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bday Week!

It is officially over - woe am I. Even more woe is that I have now entered the era where I will perpetually be 21.

My birthday cake (pictured here) certainly left much to be desired - it looks more like a giant, slanty cupcake than a bday cake. Apparently Mindy interpreted my instructions of 'a cake that's not too heavy or sweet' to meaning a dodgy giant slanty cup cake. Next time I will be slightly more specific I think.

Nevertheless, birthday week was very fun and I felt very loved - thanks to everybody who contributed - this 21 year old is very appreciative. It all culminated to nearly $200 worth of winnings on perfect pairs blackjack on my actual birthday! Perfect pairs was GOING OFF for me. Perhaps bday luck does exist after all. Should have given Pandemonium a go too!

Visit my pics page to see some of the activities that occurred. While your are there, please vote for your fave video clip in the Thredbo album.

Meanwhile, here's a contest for you. Match the photo with the person (these are meals that occurred during my bday week). Your choices are: family, manager, bball team, Sharlene, Jason, rowing crew.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Friday, September 02, 2005

Birthday Month

The novelty of birthday month is starting to wane - possibly a correlation with entering the post-25 era. However diminishing interest certainly not critical enough to stop extorting gifts. Har! 12th September folks!

As the above conveys, last weekend was spent at the snow where, amongst other things, the Modern Australian Woman lived on (with the aid of a board); I discovered "ahh the serenity" à la The Castle; I gained insight into just how much of a wally throwing action I possess (that 3rd frame is terrible muriel).

The snowboarding was good. Managed to take out a few people (including my own sister); managed to upkeep my excellent T-bar record of taking out whoever was fortunate enough to ride up with me (tried to 'molest' you Dougie, but you were too sturdy); managed to spend nearly an entire afternoon by myself after losing everybody (being nigelated is the WORST!); witnessed Malinda make the biggest fool of herself on the funbox (right underneath the chair lift ... muahhahah); managed to stuff both my knees, my right ankle and incur a few bumps on head. But as they say, no pain no gain. Though I'm not entirely sure what I gained - perhaps extra kilos from all that spicy spam for lunch.

Well New South Wales is suffering from 'premier' crisis at the moment. I discovered something quite exciting the other day. My cousin (who works for the NSW Labour Govt) happened to mention that Bob Carr (one of my all time fave polly) favoured the font 'bookman antiqua' in all his correspondence. And GUESS WHAT??!?!?! That's the font that I use! YAY! So glad that Bob and I are on the same wavelength, regardless of his maybe mail order bride. So apparently your choice of font gives an insight into your personality/character - graphology tweaked for the 21st century I guess. For example (as sourced from the internet):
  • Kylie Minogue (the sex kitten) - Shelley
  • Ian Beale (the cheapskate anorak) - Courier
  • Richard Branson (professional yet appealing) - Verdana
  • Anna Ford (trustworthy and respectable) - Times
  • *new* Bob Carr/Marissa Wong (friend of Merrick & Rosso and fan of "I really really really love Sydney) - Bookman Antiqua

    I will soon have to start countdown to Europe trip ... woohoo

  • -------------------------------------------------------
    Further to above, Jay 'my body is a temple' Sun forwarded a very funny photo - sorry to do this to you Bob - but it cracked me up.