Sunday, January 24, 2010

Road Trip

We are accompanying the BMW 335i on its quest to rack up enough kilometres to escape FBT damage. How does this sit with my renewed go green/eco-button outlook? Let's leave it as a rhetorical question shall we.

We stopped by Canberra yesterday and squeezed in the Masterpieces exhibition and Canberra Caps vs. Sydney Flames basketball game. Studying the artworks has given me resolve to sign off on my creations (should they ever be immortalised) using the FULL year, rather than just the last 2 digits. And why is it that all these legendary artists were marred with such insufferable doubt.

The caps vs. flames game was a cracker. It went into O.T with LJ hitting a game winning 3 to get her team up down the stretch. As expected, I made the gang loiter around after game while I go through my fan-girl/stalking for photos process. However, I think the fangirl stage of my life is drawing nigh, given that everybody around me, including the players, were half my age.

Best part of the night was catching with our friend Millie. It was so great to see here again ... she is still so gentle, caring and ever so diplomatic (well she does work for government). She really did warm my heart.

Onwards to Melbourne.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Price of Oil in Dubai

I suppose it is about time I started sorting my The MEAT photos. I am hopeless with filing and cataloguing photos. My SD card full of THe MEAT photos remains untouched (until today), almost like it has some kind of awful disease.

Came across this picture which gives you a sense of how unnecessarily cheap oil is in Dubai.

For background, 1 Dirham = approx $0.30 AUD; 1 gallon = 3.79 litres.

The calculation works out to be approx $0.49/litre. Hmmmmmm

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sun-Kissed Tattoos

End of the naughties, start of 'the Tens'. If it were a numbers game, this should be an excellent decade for yours truly given No.10 is my number of choice. That gives me 10 years to get it vaguely right.

Our farewell to the naughties was ceremoniously bizarre and quirky. We wound up at Mingara Recreational Club in Tumbi Umbi on the (false) information that we could oooh and aaah at the Central Coast version of midnight fireworks from the club. Wrong. and Fail. But there was a fake Elvis shaking things up.

The only semblance of fireworks I saw was the 15 free spins from my lucky pyramid pokie machine. While I won enough to pay a small cheese burger meal, others were not so lucky. Mingara is now entrenched in KS vernacular, and can be used to replace terms such as 'ripped off', 'dodgy', or can be simply be used as exclamations e.g. you Mingara!

Aside from Mingara and sleep, the rest of our waking hours were spent playing golf - now that's Mingara'd! We played 3 rounds of golf in 3 days. I ended 2009 with a crap golf game, and I started 2010 in the same fashion with the added eyesore of hideous tan lines. I officially have a natural Michael Jackson white glove on my left hand.