Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Storm Go! Beat L.A!

Cmon STORM!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Refused Classification (RC)

In the same vein as these classic Nova ads:

I experienced a similar, almost cliche, Nova-moment on a recent Melb to Syd Virgin Blue fight.

Predictably good looking Virgin Blue stewardess begins introducing the flight crew as passengers nestle into their seats.
She turns to introduce the "customer service" crew over the PA system:

"Up front, we have Paris and myself, Nicole.
In the middle, there is Hilary.
And finally we have Tom (who was
clearly gay) up the rear [emphasis added]."

*Cue screaming pandemonium*

[Names have been changed for protection of privacy]

I had a mini chuckle to myself. On the subject of unsavoury material, I attended the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) content assessment course a couple of weeks back now, i.e. the place that stamps the PG/M/MA15+/R18+/X18+/RC symbols. Can you believe that we got to watch FULL-ON PORN! Might sound good for some (HT), but when you have to watch 10 minutes of hardcore porn with 8 other people, all the while disecting every frame, e.g.
  • oh that's just lips on bits - not X18+
  • actual penis penetrating in the background on TV screen - X18+
  • the word fuck only once - can be PG

    ... it all gets a bit cumbersome. One interesting revelation is that if a computer game involves sexual gratification as a reward (think Leisure Suite Larry), then it is REFUSED CLASSIFICATION and cannot be imported, hired or sold to the public.

    And lastly, I heard on the radio the other day that a gang of what can only be described as unambitious idiots, confronted a man coming out of a car wash, and stole his TOYOTA CAMRY. Surely you wouldn't even bother flirting with the law for a Camry?

  • Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Snowing @ Mt Hotham

    Day 3 @ Mt Hotham featured snow showers (yay!), but limited visibility. You take the good with the bad - this was the suggested mantra as I was stumbling over my feet. Today was a pretty cruisy day. We did a couple of black runs, during which I lost the group (on account of the nil visibility) and had to navigate my own route down an off-trail crevasse. There was no good in that equation ... it was just bad.

    We stopped for an early lunch @ Snake's Gully, where we continued our search for half-decent coffee. If there's one thing they could improve here, it's quality of coffee. The score stands at 2-out-of-2 for watered down, overly milky, fouler than instant coffee, coffee. After lunch, half the group hit the onsen to rejuvenate weary muscles. First hand account from Miso-Hot-Nat reveals that plaarstic-bag-HT was checking Wayne out during the sanctity of the onsen, hmmmmm.

    The rest of us mozied along, and enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of (the Australian version) of a blizzard. I took my chance (actually 3 chances) on the fun park rainbown ....
    [here's the gratuitous butt shot, minus the bruises for all you commenters]

    ... and failed miserably, all 3 times. Self esteem took a major battering.

    We ended the day with some snowman construction. "Bob" will be guarding our front door until the end of the week.

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Mt Hotham

    Our Sun Apartments is fully equipped with wireless Internet ... bonus!
    This is my first 'on-snow' experience - the slopes are a mere 5-minute bus ride away. Vestiges of the prior week's massive dump can be witnessed all around our apartment.

    Day 1 is done and dusted. The snow was average, but the runs were fun. The only regret was the foolish decision to go down the black-no snow-all ice run. Both my ass and the bottom of my board are now feeling the pain.

    Everybody is now winding down, after a fantastic roast lamb dinner, danish & ice-cream dessert, plus hash cookies treat. The cookies is turning everybody into tired zombies - quite the opposite intended effect. And to add insult, HT's cycling sculpted legs are hotter than mine!