Saturday, October 31, 2009


This guy was worth every cent of other people's hard earnt $35. Fitting that it was ME ME ME that conquered the MAXI CLAW. I would love to boast that it came down to my supreme skill and dexterity that nabbed the sucker, but nay, it was the combination of mathematical probability and an element of kismet that led to the rare sticky grip of the Maxi Claw.

In 3 crisp moments of palpitating excitement:

... Lucifer-Anpanman was secured, in a dignified way (i.e. face up), in the 3 pronged Maxi Claw.

... an eternity of doubtful reservations yet secret hopes - we've been burnt before - as we watched, with our faces pressed against the glass walls, Lucifer-Anpanman wobble his way along the treacherous route.

... pause, pause, pause

.... *insert pandemonium and school girl screams that are way too inappropriate for 30 year olds*

No footage of the actual manoeuvre, but the aftermath of the excitement was captured.

This fella is so big, that I mistook him for an intrusive stranger when I caught a glimpse of him on my couch.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Suckers for Punishment

We succumbed to the allure of Big-Head-Lucifer-Anpanman/Maxi-Claw Machine again (the word 'maxi' conjures up thoughts of sanitary pads ... with wings. Redbull!).

After burning $25 worth of attempts with no prize to show, it is safe to conclude that we have been comprehensively DEFEATED by the Maxi Claw Machine. We probably could have convinced the vendors to sell us the damn toy for $25.

Our attempts were again captured on video. The first one is slightly lengthy but worth the viewing just to hear:
  • Shar's weird comment: "maybe you need to grab it at the neck". Hey Shar, Anpanman doesn't have a neck!
  • the school girls screams at the 1.20 minute mark.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Live Broadcast.


This is a slightly scary experience especially since I am so ill-equipped.

My top 6 list for surviving a sudden blackout:
1) Leave laptop with big bright screen running.
2) Light my one and only (scented) candle.
3) Check outside to see if street lights are still on.
4) Get friend on the phone in case it is a murder/robbery attempt
5) Check safety switch to see if it has been activated.
6) Blog

Such darkness.

Collage of moment from this weekend. Picasa is rather cool.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heavy Head thwarts jaws of Victory

It was a normal Thursday lunch, on a normal (albeit slightly windy and underwhelming) day.

A casual whim to take a stroll to Capitol Square to search for an iPod cover (not mine - haven't quite gotten past my iTunes frustrations yet) turned out to be quite the adventure. Safely tucked away upstairs, amidst the jungle of cartoon/cute toys wannabes was ...

ANPANMAN - with an evil suit on.

The odds were against us, and at $1 per go, Lucifer-anpanman seemed even more elusive. This roused our propensity to take on the improbable odds ... and building crowd of 3.


In the end, his massive head proved too powerful.