Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Peak into the Subconscious

My subconscious has been conjuring up rather bizarre dreams lately. The images left such an impression - like those cool watermarks you can imprint in the background of Microsoft Word - that it left me sitting in the dark wondering 'what the'. So along came Google to the rescue. Here are some brief interpretations of the symbols:

Burning Forest
If you dream of a fire in the forest, you need to pay close attention to your health.
[My interpretation: I've been doing too much printing at work]

To see a small ape cling to a tree, warns the dreamer to beware; a false person is close to you and will cause unpleasantness in your circle. Deceit goes with this dream.
To dream of an orangutan, denotes that some person is falsely using your influence to further selfish schemes.
[My interpretation: a) been observing too much primatial behaviour; b) I'm not eating enough bananas; c) I have an issue with my opposable thumbs *thumbs down*]

Saving an animal
To dream that you are saving the life of an animal, suggests that you are successfully acknowledging certain emotions and characteristics represented by the animal.
[My interpretation: Perhaps eating too much McDonalds - doesn't $1 from every Big Mac go towards the save an organutan foundation or something? That could be a bit old school. Either that or my brain is telling me to watch Gorillas in the Mist again.]

Anyway, hasn't the aerial skiing proved to be drama on snow?! Days of our Snow ... The Good (Camplin), the Bad (Cooper), and the Ugly (Ierodiaconou). The sequence of events is a reflection of life really. Which category do you fall into? :

Darling child of the media. Blonde Aussie with pearly white teeth (sponsored by colgate of course). Suffers extreme adversity but life awards her for her Herculean bravery and effort. Can't put a foot wrong and comes up with the goods under pressure.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Aussie but not blessed with the blonde locks and cheesy smile. Also suffers adversity and not rewarded for diligence and perseverance. Chokes under pressure and justifies by referring to her new claimed world record.

Young, of ethnic descent and probably would be mistaken for a Muslim if she was walking around in Cronulla. Had the best chance of the trio going into the competition but life serves up a crushing blow (to the knee ... and to our ear drums) and doesn't even make pass the qualifying rounds.

(Did he tack on the 'Smith' to convince us that he is Aussie?)
Young, good looking and drives a Ferrari. Canadian born, multi-millionaire due to successfully inventing and proliferating pop-ups. Friend of corporations, foe of society. While he's winning gold, we are cleaning virus' from our computers.

Moral of the story? Perhaps evilness does come out on top at the end of the day

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pub Motels are Hellacious!

Last weekend, our DodgeBall equivalent touch footy team travelled down to Yass for the Yass Touch Knock Out Competition. Prize money was on the line, but the closest we got to it was forking it out - with the help of Balmain Association. According to Census (thanks Kathy), Yass has a population of approx 9000+ and an overwhelming total of 3 Asians. It must have been the gold-rush days revisted when we sashayed in our Honda convoy into the one strip of road that is Yass.

If you ever stop by Yass, DO NOT STAY @ The Australian Pub Motel! HELLACIOUS:
  • 1st room (#33) we walked into had only (stained) mattresses on the ground - no bed, no sheets no nothing!
  • Bearing in mind that it was stinking hot in Yass, the room I was in had no ventilation - and the tiny window was facing the air con unit from the opposite building meaning HOT AIR blowing in all night. I didn't get one wink of sleep that night.
  • Someone attempted to come into the room @ 3am. They were fiddling with the locks for a good 5 mins
  • Insects/bugs/fleas/cockroaches galore!

    So my night in Yass was spent doing the combo of swatting away eeky things, wiping away sweat and crying tears (like Federer) of sorrow. I felt so sorry for myself. Luckily the rest of the team were just as traumatised so we promptly rang some apartment in Canberra the next day and booked accom for the next night - bless mobile phones!

    I have a slight suspicion that it was originally advertised as $6 (which would be still an inflated price considering the quality) but some smart cookie decided to tack on a ZERO due to the influx of tourists that weekend. Unbelievably, the luxury accomodation in Canberra turned out to be cheaper than the Aust Pub Motel. This world is not making sense anymore.

    The touch itself was enjoyable. We have improved as a team and I scored, not a try, but a nice golden tan. We managed to come 16th out of 32, which gave us the dubious privilege of playing the top team on Sunday morning. Definitely some dodgy draw rigging happening there. It was terribly hot both days. The heat was stifling. And as we left the grounds on the 1st day of competition, there was an announcement that the Australian Pub Motel had a couple of rooms available.

    Photos of interesting and enjoyable weekend available here.