Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Photos Galore

Look at my sick-air stack! Narly Dude!
See the size of the hole in the snow - I made a hole even bigger when I finally came back down to earth. The landing was very ugly and I was winded for about 2 minutes after I felt the thud. I think I heard Malinda & Sharlene laugh in the distance, though I can't be entirely certain due to the snow that was in my beanie/googles/neckwarmer etc.

The beautiful scenery from Treblecone which is an hour and a bit away from Wanaka. Treblecone is renowned for its awe-inspiring views and its black runs (which I attacked predominately on my ass)

Check out the hops!
What's a snow trip without a 'jumping in the air and pose and hope someone clicks the camera at the right moment' picture. I felt like meditating that day at Remarkables, which also earns the title of owning the BEST SNOW during our stay. Too bad it also has the title of owning the world's deadliest chairlifts.

2 thumbs up to Rebecca 'RC'/'Schmello' Lau for the fantastic cards - see how wonderfully crafted they were.

So you can check out all these photos at my fotopic site.

  • Work has been crazy busy lately, to the point of ad-nauseum and mini stress attacks leading to hair that looks perpetually unkept (hmmm what's new?).
  • WNBA playoffs are about to kick-off - GO SEATTLE, DEATH TO L.A.
  • Late KGV games truly suck.
  • I think I have really small ear holes. No headphones sit in my ears properly? Perhaps everything is small when compared to my big head. My manager was made privy to the fact that I have big head. I decided to confess to my complex by telling him the story of my high school biology class where the teacher decided to measure the size of everyone's cranium. I had the dubious honour of owning the 2nd biggest. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride ;p
  • Monday, September 20, 2004

    Quarter Century Worth of Living Caught on Camera

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I know, it's utterly opprobrious in light of the fantastic adventures that I have been fortunate enough to partake over the past few weeks. It all culminated into moments of fainty-ness (again) on Friday when, after sculling a quasi-medicinal cocktail (probably a foolish idea on the account of niggling flu that will not go away), I felt like I was going to konk out in front of New Marigold. I prefer to believe that the fainty-ness was directly attributable to the overwhelming lurrrrrve I have lapped up recently. So thanks guys for all the terrific gifts, gestures, messages and thoughts - it's all infinitely appreciated and treasured. Okay, enough *suck suck* - will post something soon about N.Z (and all my MAD stacks) and the birthday week that was.

    In the mean time, visit My Photos for some visual entertainment.

    Back to work *sob*

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    Queenstown Here We Come

    Alright, I am on a 7pm flight outta here.
    Destination: Choice bro!

    Hopefully I will return with more snappies like these (and maybe ones with a board actually strapped onto my legs), and none of hideous bruises on asses.