Monday, September 18, 2006

Bday Week

My birthday week started rather prematurely this year. And let me quash that little voice in your head right now by saying NO, it wasn't self-inflicted. Will expand more below.

A few gratuitous shots, purely for the purpose of visual story telling of course. I have been instructed to include a few pictures of the grand present opening moment. Somehow, a 'few pictures' ended up to be 6 in a row. Shocking how the English language is subject to such open interpretation! Anyway, I love my new play toy [Canon IXUS 65]. It does many cool things - will expand on this point later on too.

My very generous and top-notch friends organised a quasi-surprise party a coupla weeks before my bday. I say 'quasi' because someone forgot to leave me off the email-invite ... oops! My amusement toward this faux pas was somewhat dulled as I was sick in bed with some nasty stomach bug the day the email was circulated. I had such a love-hate relationship with my stomach bug. (Love) - because I lost 2kgs; and (Hate) - only to gain 3kgs since then.
Quasi No. 2 occured during the night when people kept asking me whether the camera around my neck (belonging to Wayne) was my new camera. Deduction powers kicked into overdrive some time during the night.
So my one (and probably only) surprise party was comedy of mishaps, but it was a hoot and cheers! to everybody that was involved :) Special cheers! to Wayne & Sharlene for attempting to organise ;p I think my thwarting powers are too overwhelming.

Here is a sample of type of tricks I can do on my camera. Oh and that dero jumper in the last picture is also trick photography - wanted to recreate the early 1990's vibe. LOVE the colour accent/colour swap features.

So I spend my actual birthday playing Guantlet until the wee hours of post birthday. It was great! My green/red warrior is now spectacularly powerful, and even better, he can throw team mates away with the L2 button. Wish there was a L2 button in real life!

Until next time when I will have to post something on Linh's hen's night in the Blue Mountains. Suffice to say that it was bloody cold, but a fireman, alcohol and lotsa revolutionary gossip kept us very warm.