Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Days!

There are good reasons for the explosion of rainbow bright goodness out of the James Squire pilsner:

  1. I am drinking beer and the world is celebrating with me;
  2. The pot at the end of the rainbow belongs to James Squire - great myth solved;
  3. I have been marked as the next 'Cheer Bear' by the care bear council; and
  4. My fave drinking partner - Yan Dan Fiona Goh - is soon be back in town!Happy days indeed! She will be joining us on our 1st ski trip of 2005, where she will be able to perfect her skills of mimicking inanimate objects (as seen in picture on right). I will suggest that she imitates a naked snowman, with the allowance of a scarf.
    I am excited about her visit. The next few weeks should be quite fun with her arrival, ski trip and Melbourne trip - albeit there will be work involved. But my brain hasn't been challenged in a while so some studying/critical thinking is probably good exercise for it.

Hmmm, I better start reactivating my alcohol enzymes this week in preparation.