Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Super Slow-Mo

The TV networks have discovered a new toy: super slow-mo. Channel 7 (tennis) and Channel 9 (cricket) are obsessed with the stuff. Interesting to note their super slow-mo choices:

  • Serena Williams vs Daniela Hantuchova - where the frames for Hantuchova were slowed down until they were almost freeze frames. It was literally the never-ending Hantuchova forehand story. Serena, on the other hand, was afforded normal slow-mo, and it only lasted a few seconds. Taking into account the extra pounds Serena has stacked on, and the leggy legs of Daniela, probably a logical move by Channel 7. They put the 2 side-by-side at one stage, and it reminded me of King Kong and Naomi Watts - I don't recall her character name.

  • Brett 'Binger' Lee - someone will have to educate me as to why 10 secs of Brett Lee profusely sweating (in super slow mo) is worthy of airtime. It's not like he was wearing short shorts, or headlighting a la the women players @ the Aus Open.

    I must say that the headlighting phenomena of yesteryear has not re-surfaced in 2006. More of a low beam style this year ... perhaps we can blame it on El Nino.

    Disappointing that my fave female player, Lindsay Davenport, lost tonight. Amazingly, Lindsay has been one of the most consistent female players having attained the No.1 ranking more times than any other female. Yet she doesn't get the recognition seemingly reserved for other flashier/younger players. Understated people are good.

    Have discovered a new term: "gay vague", borne out of the fact that it is increasingly harder to determine straight from gay men. Apparently there is a reason why 'men in Western societies are adapting, becoming more feminised and turning into over-therapied, over-sharing, over-emoting "emo boys" and metrosexuals who get facials and buy wrinkle cream and wear pink flowered shirts'. The reason is simply because the Y chromosone is degenerating and shredding genes. As the following article suggests: Better to be an X chromosome than an ex-chromosome. Interesting read.
  • Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    A note to buskers and bums

    Knowing your target market is absolutely vital if you are in the business of inducing strangers to part with their money.

    As I was walking through Chinatown last night, I came across a young fella busking (quite uneventfully) with recorder in mouth, blowing the tune of "I still call Australia home" ... in Chinatown. Perhaps he may have faired better in Cronulla.

    Unsurprisingly there weren't many coins/notes in his makeshift donation tray. Although that could be due to the fact that he ended up playing just 2 notes repeatedly after a while.

    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Under the Pump

    Ack! On the brink of a nervous -too much work- breakdown. I have decided, as of this morning, that my task for this month is to ring up AM talk back radio and contribute. All that needs to be determined is 2UE or 2GB; oh and subject matter. Suggestions welcomed.

    So what brought this about? YDG thoughtfully gave me a pressie all the way from the UK: 'this diary will change your life 2006'. It is the funniest book with self-improvement tasks including "volunteer for a medical experiment" and "stalk a well-known writer so as to become their muse". This week is pathological liar week, so everything I've written could have been one big fat lie. I am 5 feet 11 - perfect bball height.

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Precarious Start

    Some idiot head had some kind of brain explosion and decided to vandalise my car. Not only is it now blemished to the factor of 10, it is also undrivable due to intrusive metal bits on front right tyre.

    Today I saw my favourite and most respected colleague flee for the proverbial greener pastures - even a CityRail toilet cleaner looks pretty green at the moment ... bygones.
    She was indeed a remarkable individual - passionate, diligent, incredibly bright and switched on, principled and inquisitive. Mind you, she was also rather anal, quirky and not one to suffer fools lightly - a category I may have fallen in one too many times. Despite the stark difference in fool-dom, knowledge and experience, it was a collaborative and never a condescending process. She is the truest example of 'leader by example'. I often marvel at her work & style with admiration. Both she and my (ex)manager have moulded my career-outlook (whatever you call it) in the most profound ways. Both individuals always had my best interests at heart (rare quality in the evil corporate world), and never treated me like a pleb. They challenged me time and time again. They have defined what, for me, success, intelligence and respect means. I question whether I will come across 2 such influential and remarkable characters in the remainder of my work-life. It seems somewhat unfair that I should be blessed with such an opportunity so early on.

    What makes it that much more precarious is that fact that I have come to know these people not only as colleagues, but also as friends. They provided legitimate work-related stuff; and I provided light entertainment, gossip, frivolous emails and GMAIL!

    Will be braving the not-so-green pastures like a nigel ... in the corner of the room (sing with me!)