Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Updates Already ...

So it's been a while hey?
I am reflecting on the reasons behind this paucity of blog entries and here is what I have conjured:

  1. it hurts to reflect;
  2. it hurts others when I reflect;
  3. you won't get reflections unless there is sun.

Okay, I am really starting to question the quality of my entries of late.
I will have to stop relying on the 'Marissa-basketball-philosophy' i.e. style over substance, and start utilising alphabets instead of pixels.

So what springs immediately to mind? I'm better with headings:

FINALLY got admitted to the Supreme Court of N.S.W on the 8th October, but not without hitches. First, Wayne and Mindy arrived late when I specifically instructed them otherwise - then they tried to sit in the seats reserved for "movers" only. Good one! Then my 'mover' (my manager) was unexpectedly made to say my full name, which includes my chinese name. That's like asking an American to speak proper English. Then I had to bow in front of everybody, and I am never good with bowing. I have an awkward bowing motion - something for me to work on. Nonetheless, I had a good time feeling quasi-accomplished for 30 minutes.

3rd Degree Burn
I don't really know my burn degrees, but I'm assuming it can't be that much different to the classification of murders. In which case, 3rd degree murder is the equivalent to manslaughter - which is caused by negligence rather than actual intent. The point being that I burnt myself on a car exhaust the other day. Now I am fortunate enough to own a perfect concentric circle (tautology) on my right calf. It's like a UFO has mistaken my leg for a crop field, and left mysterious concentric patterns to mark its presence.

Under Dog
I think I have developed a habit of rooting for the underdog in all situations. I got to sit in on our P.A interviews the other day and when it came time to voice our preferences, I found myself inextricably supporting the candidate that had NO CHANCE. Yup she was a dog.
Same theory applies when watching movies - who cares about Charlie when Veruca Salt is truly the underdog in 'Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory' that will never get the sympathies of anybody. And can you really support someone who chooses to ignore filial obligations over patronage to some psychopath megalomaniac in Willy Wonker (i.e. when Charlie rejects the money to steal the recipe or whatever it was).

Seattle Storm Wins!
I was sitting in 'Cheers' bar watching the Storm take out Game 3 of the WNBA Championship, albeit without the luxury of any audio since there is this STUPID ASIAN MAN who is there watching the STUPID baseball every time there is a WNBA playoff game. He is always there smoking his stupid cigarettes and shaking his gay weedy legs. Grrrrr! Anyway, while I was watching Game 3, this man makes the dumbest comment: "I bet you that girl (he was referring to Sue Bird) is wearing that mask because she just had plastic surgery". I was a) appalled; b) offended; c) outraged at his obviously apparent stupidity. I quickly whipped around and said slightly curtly: "she broke her nose you dumbass" (except without the dumbass bit). Isn't it sick that people just assume that a girl would wear a face mask only for beautification reasons?
Nevertheless, I was very VERY happy when my team won! YAY!


  • Saw Open Water - but might as well have not seen it at all since I spent half the time watching the back of my eye lids.
  • There is a midget on The Amazing Race - it's fantastic!
  • My Samantha Jones workmate has seriously decided that she will not be wearing underpants when it's 30 degrees and above. This is why I am not going into her office today because I might just whiff things I don't want to whiff.
  • Happy birthday to Eric and YDG - edging ever so close to the child rearing age ;p
  • Friday, October 01, 2004

    Crème Brûlée vs Jell-O

    Today's header is inspired by following conversation from the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" - one of my sentimental favourites largely due to the painfully neurotic and diabolical nature of the main character.

    Jules: I'm better with food. You're Michael. You're at this classy french restaurant. You order ... crème brûlée for dessert. When it arrives, it's beautiful, it's sweet. It's irritatingly perfect. But suddenly, you realize you don't want crème brûlée. You want something else.
    Kimmy:Well what does he want?
    Jules: Jell-O.
    Kimmy: Jell-O?? Why does he want Jell-O?
    Jules: Well, he's more comfortable with Jello.
    Kimmy: I can be Jello!
    Jules: NOO!! You can never be the jello! Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O!!YOU could never be Jell-O.
    Kimmy: I HAVE to be Jell-O!
    Jules: You're never gonna be Jell-O!

    So apparently you are either crème brûlée or Jell-O, and furthermore to this apparentness, I am the quintessential Jell-O according to the quintessential crème brûlée - Rebecca Lau. I guess the implication here is that I am irritatingly IMperfect and that I can never be like Cameron Diaz. Oh well, no Justin Timberlake for me. Can you have elements of Jell-O and crème brûlée? i.e. a bit of a bogan and a bit of Joey Potter-esque qualities?

    I watched this rather interesting documentary last night and it enlightened me to following facts about dating/love/attachment:
  • When females are in their menstruation mid-cycle, they start dressing more proactively and acting more seductively in an attempt to attract the best sperm. Obviously this is done quite subconsciously. Although I can probably attest to this because I get really FAT LEGS towards the end of my cycle. I'm sure the world really needed to know that.
  • Females with the highest level of testosterone are often the most animated.
  • Pheromones travel up to 3 metres - I say throw away your perfume/aftershave!
  • We are attracted to people with lower voices, and this applies to both males and females apparently. As attraction builds between 2 people, you will hear their voices go deeper and deeper. So if you are a dude with a high voice/high-pitched laugh - get a new voice/laugh.
  • Females subconsciously pick partners via smell. Through smelling, we tend to choose a partner who's immune system is most unlike our own - I'm not sure what that implies for girls that pick men who get sick really easily.
  • Girls on the pill pick up the wrong smells. This means that if you were on the pill when you met your partner, you could have made the wrong choice - oopsies.

    I was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place on the train last night. On one side of me was a rather obese lady (not fat, but OBESE); and on the other side of me was a man reading the bible. And this was in the 5 seater bit of the train .... ROCK ... ME ... HARD PLACE! Then this morning on the emptiest train in the world, someone decided to sit next to me even though I made a specific effort to occupy 3/4 of my 2 seater. Maybe my pheromones travelled a bit too far this morning - har! ;p

    Saw a bit of Mark Latham's election speech last night. For a person that doesn't support the U.S, his delivery was remarkably similar to the U.S-style rhetoric. I don't know about these election speeches. They never seem genuine or down to earth. The audience claps on cue after every paragraph, and there is ALWAYS a reference to the wife/family without whom the candiate wouldn't be the person they are today, yada yada yada. It all seems too mechanical. I want robustness!

    Getting admitted next week - YAY! A bit scared about the parents meeting manager situation though. Very precarious indeed.

    Work is making me a bit loco - restructure happening (again) as well as some (forced) resignations. I will just have to take comfort in the fact that Seattle are in the next round of the playoffs and they won't be playing Diva Lisa Leslie's L.A! Hoorah!

    Will endeavour to make more frequent updates, but somehow, pictures tend to make a better blog entry than crappy words.