Thursday, December 02, 2004

Start of the Silly Season ... begins with Stupid Social Behaviour

Can this be true? Over a month without updates? Whatever happened to the verve and zeal (not often you get a 'v' and a 'z' word in one sentence) that once prevailed between Blogger and myself. Perhaps Blogger decided to use me only to get the attention of a prettier, more quality blog. I say this because 'apparently', it is a well known (albeit unbeknownst to me - note to self: get out of hole) social phenomenon for men to court ugly females ONLY to gain easier access to their beautiful/hot friends. The theory being that the beautiful/hot friend will then automatically assume that the guy is Darcy-decent by virtue of the fact that he is dating an ugly girl.
However, this theory is premised on the following basis:

  • Girls categorise their friends into 'ugly' and 'beautiful'.
    Personally, I don't consciously or subconsiously label my friends as ugly or beautiful. Therefore I would not deem a guy Darcy-decent just because he is going out with one of my friends who I neither consider ugly, nor beautiful, i.e. perception of decency is mutually exclusive to aesthetic perception of friends.

  • The 'hot' friend will date the guy who's got a dog of a girlfriend.
    Hypothetically, if I was the 'hot' friend in the equation, I would refuse to date someone who was going out with my ugly friend (not that I am implying that I categorise my friends in such a rudimentary manner) since her chances of scoring a XY would be less than mine (should I be hot, and should society place more value on beauty as opposed to personality). Wow, so many caveats here.

  • Ugly girls have hot friends
    Another social myth proposes that people of the same aesthetic qualities tend to stick together - hence the saying "birds of a feather flock together". Meaning that ugly people hang around ugly other people, and so on. Apparently there is hard evidence behind this, as illustrated by the modelling community.

    Perhaps the connection between my lack of blogging and current social behaviours is nebulous - but you have already read this far so I won't go ahead and justify it.

    It has indeed been a clumsy couple of days. Managed to stain my NEW basketball uniform last night with impenetrable Thai laksa gravy. Oh the heartache! Fortunately the stains were limited to the left side. Unfortunately, it left a colour disasterously close to urine. Thank golly Sylvia was around and ameliorated the impending depression spiral by offering to treat it with some wonder spray. You are a life saver SS (could stand for Super Star, but Sylvia Santoso sounds better)!
    Then at lunch, a clump of guacamole fell out of my wrap and on to my shirt. Fortunately nobody witnessed it. Unfortunately, it is the colour of a really sick person's snot.

    Was in Melbourne on Monday and Tuesday of this week and OMG I have created a Big 2 (i.e. choi dai di) Monster! I taught my manager to how to play on the plane into Melbourne. He then decides to force our whole team to play at the dinner table at some fancy schmancy chinese restaurant on Southbank. So desperate he was to play, he commissioned someone to buy 2 deck of cards on their way to dinner. Everybody was fully giving me dirties when they were all forced to play. But alls well that ends well because everybody had fun - even though I didn't win ONE SINGLE GAME - the horror!

    Okay, time is up. May blog more tomorrow.