Thursday, April 15, 2004

Sad Hurty!

I am addicted to The Sims! Stayed up til 1:30am playing it last night ... not good.
The number of times I stood in front of the mirror to practice my "charisma", and worked out on my $500 bench press machine is harrowing. It's like tomagotchi gone crazy!!! I now understand why Doctor Evil was so protective over Mini-Me. My sim HAS to succeed so I can live vicariously through it - har!

The joys of a shortened working week. Isn't April fantastic? About one more week before I have to hit the books again. And WOOHOOO, we are playing KGV next competition again. Am going to make my sim into a world famous basketball player that can dance like Britney Spears, giggle like Julia Gulia, kick ass like Jennifer Garner and articulate like Felicity (but a bit better).

Must catch train now ... bye!

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