Monday, April 05, 2004

News Flash: Marissa's Universe will be on hiatus for a week until 11 April ...

... on the account of being at the Gold Coast for a mini-holiday. Itinery thus far consists of: golf (x2), Dream World, Jupiters Casino, St Arnou Brewery (really looking forward to this one), beach, Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not (I choose Not), pub crawl. Hopefully the trip will live up to mild-expectations.

Was kinda excited about this trip but now all these 'to-do' things have popped up, leaving me with plenty of anxiety and lotsa loose ends! Grrrrr. To top things off, KGV bball comp for next season is full which means I cannot play basketball. My life is OVER! There is no point to my existence anymore. What is life if there is no basketball? Oh the existential issues!

Last dragon boat race for the season occurred on Saturday @ Penrith. I think many people would define the day as a successful one considering we took out 5 categories. That's an entire hand baby! I must say though, the most satisfying race was the women's final, where we won by only 0.04 seconds. Now that's winning by a whisker (literally)! I have to grab someone's arm every time I watch the footage on Clinton's camera ... it was THAT close. There were tears of joy when they announced the results on the P.A. system. It was rather emotional watching some of the girls cry, although not being able to play bball next season is making me shed tears now!

To celebrate a successful day, we decided to go to Mocha. Man! It took so much effort to come back out again, bearing in mind that we had been awake since 5:45am. Thanks to some 'connections' via Jpeg/PDF aka Tif, we managed to get in the V.I.P line and enter the club for freeeeeee (my kinda word). Oh my goodness, there were some interesting people that night! We had this black dude wearing an eskimo-type parker when it was clearly too humid to do so (black ppl can make anything look cool though); this white chick that was fully dancing like Britney Spears with her black boyfriend (she was sooooo good! I was transfixed for a good 10 minutes); random weirdo guys invading our 'Asian' circle (yes we were the only people dancing in a circle); Paris Hilton look-alike, with the tiniest pink dress to match; bomb funk MC-free-styler type dancers doing battle-dancing (very cool to watch). Anyways, by end of the night, I was sooooo buggered that I ended up sleeping in the car outside my house because I was too tired to walk into my house.

Which brings me to today. Did a health assessment test this morning. Part of the test involved doing a fitness test where you had to the step test for 3 minutes. An excellent result is <85 heart beats per minute for a person my age. Guess what I got? 132 heart beats per minute!!! This equates to a POOR fitness level. After a few phone calls, the lady realised that she made me do too many steps per minute. No wonder I was puffing and huffing so much! Other than that, cholesterol, blood glucose and waist to hip ratio are all good, though blood pressure is a tad low and she said "we can work on the amount of sugar in your breakfast foods". Teeeheehehe. Guess the red bean bun and the usual peanut butter & kaya don't help.

Okay, need to tie up a few more loose ends. Happy Easter all.

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