Sunday, June 20, 2004

What An Exciting Weekend!

My brush with fame continued on Saturday night when I got to meet and greet Penny Taylor! Woohoo! My encounter was captured quite succinctly on camera (thank you Wayne):

Here I am getting very nervous at the thought of being in the presence of PT. Armed with a program (which we rorted from a corporate box) and a pen (which turned out to be dodgy), I was contemplating what topics of conversation I could muster with PT (apart from Bunsen burners and the periodic table).

Shar & Wayne were completely flummoxed by my excitement & enthusiasm. They were patiently watching me go completely loco like a kid in a candy store. They eventually got fed up & kept saying "I want to go to KFC". But chicken can wait whereas celebrities cannot - although hot'n'spicy is only back for a limited time.

What a golden moment!
Started off a bit shaky with my dodgy pen not working. After laughing at my use of the word "dodgy", PT asked her mother for a pen (how embarrassing) - she even introduced me to her mother! After searching extensively in her hand bag, no pen was to be found so PT [continued below] ...

A fruiful night notwithstanding the fact that we were probably the only ones there that weren't under the age of 20. The Opals allowed some time for signing autographs. I left the stadium a very happy little cherub. And yes, everybody did get their KFC.

The only question that remains outstanding is whether our asses would look bigger or smaller than the Opals' in those body suits.


[continued] ... had to ask this little boy to borrow his pen. Why couldn't I have just brought a pen that works? I asked her about Phoenix and she gave me a very detailed answer. She even told me that her team lost to L.A that night by 2. I decided to do some sucky-uppy by telling her that she would have made the difference. She was extremely nice and polite, and an absolute treat to meet. I wished her good luck with her future endeavours and although I could have possibly stayed and chatted longer, I was getting too tongue tied and felt I should leave before I made an even bigger fool of myself. Definitely the highlight of my night considering the actual game was pretty crap and the cheerleaders were OH SO BAAAAAAAD! They were a good source of (bad) entertainment though.