Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tokyo - soon to depart to Her Majesty's (i.e. YDG's) abode

I'm typing to the snoring symphony of Wayne & Sharlene. Amazingly, their snoring melodies are playing off each other ... the crescendo occurred a few seconds ago. Now they are moving into the recapitulation part of the movement.

It's been a taxing day on the legs - guess it's good training for rep touch at the end of the year. We visited several cities today including: Shibuya, Roppongi and Shinjuku. All involved catching the train, getting immensely baffled by the train system (there are a few wasted tickets sitting in my pocket), and walking galore - which ain't so good when it was raining the entire day.

These cities are dominated by neon lights and shopping. If you've seen Serenity, Tokyo often reminds me of that scene where River Tam becomes mesmorised by the cartoon figure on the TV screen and mutters "Miranda". Except here it's probably more "sumimasen". People are terribly subservient and wonderfully clean here. The public loos are a treat! Today's experience was the toilet flushing audio aid - to conceal any unfortunate sounds that may inevitably occur during your business. Leaves you riding on a wave of calmness (as depicted in the picture) apparently.

Visited a few of Japan's finest conglomerates today: Toyota and Sony. Crappy little shits wouldn't get off the cool PSP and PS2 demos. Do they want thicker glasses?!? Showrooms were pretty cool ... burns deep holes in your pockets though.

Also went on the rollercoaster that goes through a shopping centre. The ride reaches a max speed of 130 km/hr and the incline up truly felt like a 90 degree pull. Lucky I went to the ladies before hand. And in typical Japanese fashion, the ppl in queue would clap as the carriage pulls back into home base. So easy to feel famous and loved in Japan.

Last, finally found a Peko product so here's the self indulgent photo:

Dreading the horrors of British Airways tomorrow.