Saturday, October 08, 2005

In Tokyo

Hi all. Never got around to a farewell, good riddance blog. However, I suspect that an entry on the 1st day of my holidays will suffice. I am currently in the land where broadband connection of up to 100mbps is rife - sweet I say!

I am not sure if that makes up for the lack of personal space - I have taken one to many inadvertent elbows today. Today was mostly spent on the truly confusing subway and Disneyland. Here are my observations:

Usual practice, from observation, is to get on and sleep. Even those that don't get sitting room sleep while they are standing. Either people don't get enough sleep around here, or there must be something in the air conditioning on the trains

Never have I seen so many people congregated en masse in what was a fairly gigantic ground. It was literally like witnessing swarming ants, except I was also an ant. It was amazing. People were lining up everywhere for hours on end for anything and everthing, e.g. waiting 40 mins for soda flavoured popcorn. Is that MAD or what?!? We assumed that the crowd would retreat back home by about 5pm/6pm but alas how wrong we were. People were still going strong at about 6pm (park closes @ 10pm) and still willing to wait 40 mins for their curry popcorn.

I walked away realising that Japanese people are SICK for their Disney, to the point of obsession. Nearly everybody had some kind of Mickey Mouse paraphernalia on them. I nearly succumbed ... but logic and cash got the better of me.

Here are a coupla pics:

Shar & Wayne on the train to Disneyland. It was a case of Mickey Lau Shu everywhere. Who would have guessed that a rodent could be that palatable.

If you can't beat them, why not join them. This would come in handy for next snowboard season.

Jason Wong is famous in Japan, well only to those who catch the trains anyway.

Getting a tour guide tomorrow (phew). Will be hitting the shops and visiting a few of the local hangouts apparently. No more elbows please.