Sunday, May 04, 2008

Non Sequitur

I just witnessed Bindy Irwin latch on to her new (most likely anti-conservational), silver logie. Her performance on the podium was actually rather endearing, unlike the eeky scene between Anakin and Padmé Amidala on TV at the moment.

All my Star Wars knowledge comes from my childhood obsession with Space Balls (HELMET!). I have never seen a Star Wars episode until very recently. People's reaction to this range from indignance to horror, to assuming that I am some kind of defect representation of the human race. Personally, I think Pizza the Hut is much better than Jabba the Hut, as is Dark Helmet and Yogurt. Somebody actually got a bit cranky at me when I suggested that Predator is a better movie than Star Wars (which it soooooo is). I don't have to defend Arnie - he just is.

So I was having a conversation with a friend who works for a lift (i.e. elevator) company (only a few to choose from). How the lift industry has escaped the attention of the ACCC is an interesting thought. Anyway, he has to wear a hard hat - very male stipper-esque. I was telling him that my number 1 lift-bugbear is the missing 'close-door' button. Ignorant statement I know but it really does bug me! I just don't understand why the essential close-door button is not on all elevators. It's like having sushi without the wasabi & soya sauce, i.e. nice but not complete.

What if you were escaping from a deviant - a close button would come in handy. What if you were trying to avoid the company of a overly chatty colleague - a close button would be nice. What if you were running late for a train/game/meeting/lunch (list goes on) - yes a close button would be helpful. What if some person's flailing limb/accessory was unnecessarily triggering the door sensors - a close button would be absolutely essential. I may be pushing the point ad nauseum, but I feel as strongly about this as a Star Wars fans feel about Yoda. (Oh Samuel L just carked it)

The same hard hat wearing friend also has a very diry little secret (even dirtier than my One Tree Hill obsession). He races nitro remote control cars for a hobby. Apparently the hobby requires non-lame things like pit stops and remote control car modifications. Hehe. Each for their own ...


  1. If you would like one aforementioned hardhat with logo please email me


  2. Yes, so Anakin was doing a 3 hour long Pinnochio impression... SO WHAT? STAR WARS RULES OK!

    So what if episode 1 and episode 2 almost completely suck. 3 4 5 & 6 kick ass!

    Predator? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? See you didn't grow up watching Star Wars in primary school, chasing around girls who were pretending to be Princess Leia while you were Luke Skywalker there to rescue her or Darth Vader wanting to imprison her/them. But then neither did I really... but I did watch others play those games :)

    Actually it was just the whole epic battle between good and evil and the mystical nature of the force, plus all those funky force powers that got the imagination of children going... yeah?

    How could Predator compare to that? Though I didn't see that until I was in my mid-teens... which might explain a lot.

    Hmmm... OK all you have to do is imagine what all the children are like watching all the Harry Potter movies... with pretend wands and magic and teasing the muggles etc.
    Voldemort cursing people etc...

    It'd be MAD FUN on the playground...

    Something that would really get your imagination going...

    Does that make more sense? Pah ... maybe it's just all too boring for you.

    I wouldn't mind seeing that one-man Star Wars though... hmmm...

  3. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I hate when theres no lift button as well. But I recently found out to my amazement that you can double click the floor number that you want to go to and the door will close.